Tre Armstrong finding his feet for the Thunder

JARRYD McGUANE   THE ADVOCATE   North West Tall Timbers Thunder guard Tre Armstrong said he has began to feel more comfortable in the rotation as team prepared for Saturday night’s game against Mt Gambier at Devonport Basketball Stadium. 

Armstrong has become a key piece in Sam Armstrong’s developing young squad that sits with a 4-4 record, starting the majority of the eight games and playing consistent minutes at the shooting guard and small forward as a three-point threat.

Averaging 11.3 points a game, the sharpshooter said his success was down to confidence and the faith in his ability to contribute.

“I just think it all comes from confidence and if you have the confidence and the faith with your coaches, it obviously means you will play more minutes and take on more of a role,” Armstrong said.

“My improved performances have come from the faith from the coaches and my teammates. I don’t think I have changed anything specifically, I just have a little more confidence playing against really good senior players.” 

As a guard, Armstrong said he has been able to get valuable tips from experienced pair, Ben Richmond and Mason Bragg.

“Obviously Mason has bought in a lot of experience and for the two years he has been away, he has learned a lot and played great basketball for us.

“The guy I look up to most in the team is Benny Richmond, for the way he went about pre-season and the way he led the group when the leaders were away.

“The way he trains on a day-to-day basis is pretty inspiring for me.”

I just have a little more confidence playing against really good senior players.

Thunder guard Tre Armstrong

The young guard’s form was highlighted by his invitation to compete in a training camp ahead of the upcoming Australian under 19 selection camp for the Under 19 Asian Championships.

The guard returned in time for the loss to the Dandenong Rangers after a late game fade-out.

Armstrong said the fade-out was not related to fatigue and the team was prepared to bounce back against the Pioneers.

“I don’t think we can used fatigue as an excuse, we just made some really bad errors and I don’t think we were tired.

“Obviously we didn’t get the result we wanted, having said that, we didn’t have Benny Richmond and Joey Chilcott playing and when we can fine tune everything, we will be tough to stop.

“At training, we are going over the Mt Gambier scout, we will go over their offences they run and look at how to stop their better players like Tim Conrad.

“The real focus will be on us, we were up by 17 over Dandenong, one of the top teams in the league and trust what the coaches are doing.”

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