Simon Brookhouse’s appointment Tasmanian NBL appointment gets the thumbs up from the North-West Thunder | The Advocate | Burnie, TAS

ALEX FAIR   THE ADVOCATE   Thunder chairman Tony Barker, who worked with Brookhouse when he was the chairman of the SEABL competition, this week said the Brookhouse decision was a “great choice” due to his involvement with the state via that role and earlier as the president of the Hobart Chargers.

“For as long as I have been involved with the Thunder Simon was chair of SEABL and he has a really good understanding of where we are and what the state is about and the structure in the state,” Barker said

“He has also been at a high level with his Golf Australia [as general manager of golf operations] and Golf Victoria [as chief executive officer], so that as well is why I think it is a great appointment.

“He is a professional and he is very approachable and at the time when the pin was pulled on SEABL [in 2018] we had some very good conversations around that and he was very supportive about being able to and willing to be able to jump in and help with anything that he could during that time when we were trying to figure out what the future looked like for Tassie basketball.

“He has good understanding, but he has also spent a lot of years involved in it as well, so he has a feel for it and I would think quite a passion for it.”

“He ticks all the boxes at the moment, and like any of these things the proof will be in the pudding, and like any appointment they are saying the right things and that is pointing us all in the right direction.”

Barker was also thrilled to discover that Brookhouse viewed the North-West Coast as a key piece to overall picture for the NBL side, saying last week that “we will be entrenched in that area and we will do whatever we can to support the basketball community on the North-West Coast”.

Pre-season games and having players and coaches being regular visitors is a big part of that plan.

While Barker said “we won’t badger him too early”, there is a desire to sit down and chew the fat with Brookhouse about “how things will look in Tasmania” when the team is up and going for the 2021-22 NBL season.

That conversation, Barker said, is one that would also involve the Launceston Tornadoes and Hobart Chargers.

Brookhouse, who was announced as the off court leader for the NBL team last week, will start in his new role next month.