The North-West Thunder “will listen” to any state league invite for 2020

With that in mind, he said this week he wasn’t confident the idea of NBL1 teams being part of the competition would work.  “As always we would be open to discussing anything and looking at any option (to get out on the court),” Barker said.

“But the reservation we would have is that we’d need to know how it would work with players and if they are already playing in their NWBU team would they be available for us, and if it was the case they weren’t, we wouldn’t have a team.

“But if somebody can come up with a different strategy for that, we would listen.

“The important thing though is providing the players with the opportunity to play and if they have the opportunity to play in their NWBU teams they should be able to get a run, irrespective of whether the Thunder is doing anything or not.”

Basketball Tasmania chief executive Chris McCoy over the weekend said the Thunder, Launceston Tornadoes and Hobart Chargers would likely be invited to an expanded State League competition, as long as it was not at the detriment of club sides who wished to compete.

The Tornadoes and Chargers also have NWBU players on their rosters.

The NWBU’s clubs were set to discuss the idea at its board meeting on Wednesday night.

“We will weigh it all up, but I would be surprised if it would work.