Tasmania named as the NBL’s 10 team for the 2021-2022 season

League owner Larry Kestelman made the announcement that Tasmania would be the competition’s 10th team for the 2021-2022 season following the the Glenorchy City Council’s decision to sell the Derwent Entertainment Centre and Wilkinsons Point to the State Government.

While the plan is to play the majority of games at the renovated DEC and bring occasional games to Launceston’s Silverdome in the maiden season, McCoy said having a suitable venue on the North-West Coast would fit in with Kestelman’s charter of the team being for all Tasmanians.

“The intent is that it is a team for the whole state and in the first season there will be activity on the North-West Coast with players, school visits and pre-season games,” McCoy said.

“Then if there is a facility that is good enough over time, there would be games in the North-West as well.