North-West Thunder chairman Tony Barker keen for more info on the Southern Huskies

ALEX FAIR   THE ADVOCATE   North-West Tall Timbers Thunder chairman Tony Barker says he is “cautiously optimistic” about the plans of those behind Tasmania’s NBL bid’s plans for his club and region.

While Barker backs the bid, he said from his end it was too early to speculate what it could mean for the region. He said he had not had any conversations with those behind the Huskies idea, but would be happy to take the call.

“It is all very good for people to throw headlines around, but until we see a model that is likely to work in reality, it is very hard to really comment,’’ Barker said on Monday.

“I only know what I see in the media and at the moment in terms of anything connected with the Southern Huskies. We think they have a plan with whatever they have in mind, and I think they will come to us if they want us to be involved.”

He said his primary focus would be to ensure grassroots basketball was not negatively impacted by the introduction of a Tasmanian team.

“We need to be very mindful that we are very connected with grassroots, with the NWBU we do that with our relationships with the clubs here,’’ he said.

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