Hobart Chargers drop out of new Basketball Victoria League after stoush with Basketball Tasmania

BRAD COLE   THE ADVOCATE   It is business as usual according to North-West Thunder chairman Tony Barker after a dramatic day in Tasmanian basketball that has seen the Hobart pull out of the newly established Basketball Victoria Elite League.

The Chargers, who took out the 2018 SEABL men’s title, decided to withdraw their application following affiliation issues with Basketball Tasmania and stop operations completely for at least 12 months.

“Part of the deal to compete in the Basketball Victoria league is that you have to have it ticked off by your state body and it seems there has been some issues thrown up around that,” Barker said

“There are probably a couple of things that we want to negotiate around that, but outside of that it’s full steam ahead – I don’t see us having any insurmountable issues with Basketball Tasmania.”

Chargers president David Bartlett was blunt in assigning the blame.

“Effectively what Basketball Tasmania has done has asked us to break the law – to ensure they get control of assets,” Bartlett said.

“It’s been lies, it’s been obscuration, it’s been delays, it’s been misinformation.

“We talk about Cricket Australia having cultural problems…Mate, they’ve got nothing on this mob. It’s a walk in the park compared to these thugs.

“Someone should be blamed for it. Ultimately it’s the board of Basketball Tasmania who must take responsibilities for the actions of their executive.”

Basketball Tasmania CEO Chris McCoy said they were surprised at the Chargers’ decision.

“I’m disappointed about the situation we’re in but certainly don’t take direct responsibility,” he said.

“I think we’ve acted very appropriately by providing what’s best for basketball.

“The SEABL clubs have had a history of financial difficulty over the last 20 years and we think it’s wise if we’re all going to work together over the next twelve months that we all have some visibility over their finances and see if we can provide some assistance.”

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