Basketball Tasmania open to NBL1 clubs in state league

With the NBL1 and NWBU competitions abandoned for 2020 because of coronavirus, a revised Basketball Tasmania State League will be the most likely way for senior players across Tasmania to get competitive basketball under their belts.

Normally open to just the associations across the state, McCoy said Basketball Tasmania was open to the idea of Tasmanian NBL1 clubs joining because of the unusual circumstances created by the pandemic.

“It is not confirmed, but we would like to invite them,” McCoy said.

“We will put it out to our associations first and foremost, if they agree with the idea then we would look at doing that.

“The only reason they wouldn’t do it is because they wouldn’t be able to get teams up themselves because of the clubs sharing players with our associations.

“We wouldn’t like to see if we had three men’s teams from the North-West Coast from the NWBU wanting to compete, but losing two of them because the Thunder have come in, we wouldn’t want a scenario like that.”

North-West Thunder chairman Tony Barker was contacted for comment.

Earlier in the week, Premier Peter Gutwein stated that discussions with the NBL over the Tasmanian team’s entry into the national competition and the upgrade of the Derwent Entertainment Centre were on hold because of coronavirus.

McCoy said it was highly unlikely that discussions with the state government on the DEC or the NBL opportunity would be happening in the near future.

“We didn’t expect to have any further conversations until we get through another stage closer to getting out of this,” he said.

“That is when we will pick up the conversations again and see where we are placed.”