Thunder point play put in Dent’s hands

The 18-year-old will come to the Thunder with an impressive resume of state and national junior representation including appearances at the 2015 FIBA Under 16 Oceania Championship and the 2016 FIBA Under 17 World Championships.

Dent said he thought playing for the Thunder would be the perfect opportunity to improve his resume and get experience after he was approached to join the squad.

“It was probably about two months ago through my state coach who is mates with Sam (Armstrong), who was looking for a point guard,” Dent said.

“I have just got back into basketball and I thought it would be a pretty good place to go.”

Dent has returned to basketball after one year in the Sydney Swans academy and he said he was solely focused on basketball again.

“I had a break for a bit with footy, but I am back now and ready to go.

“I think the year of footy has helped me with being able to find guys with the ball and in terms of vision and I feel like I have more time.

“I am in the New South Wales Country under 20 team going to nationals in Canberra in February, which is getting close and then I will fly down after that.”

Dent will play against the Tasmanian team featuring Thunder players Tre Armstrong and Kobe Jackson and he said he was looking forward to joining forces with them.

“Obviously playing for NSW Country, Tasmania and us have a rivalry and it is normally a pretty feisty game when we play.

“It will be pretty fun to see what we will be able to do on the same team.”

Thunder coach Sam Armstrong said he had Dent on his radar and was looking forward to what he would be able to produce.

“I had heard about him over a few years and I spoke to my contacts with direct coaching of Lachlan and we managed to have a discussion,” Armstrong said

“I felt like he was a player that could come in a strengthen our guard lineup with the direction that we are going.”

The Thunder have lost three of their starting five from last year’s campaign with Mason Bragg, Lachlan Barker and Ben Richmond not returning.

Armstrong said the outs from the 2018 squad had changed the way he had to build for the upcoming season, but he was excited for the chances it would give to North-West based players.

“I lost three of my starting five with Mason, Lachie and Ben going and it definitely left a hole and made us change our recruiting structure up a little.

“We have stripped it back another level and there is a genuine opportunity for young guys in our club and on the flip side, we have guys that can do it in this league.

Dent joins Americans Nick Banyard and Jordan Bowling as Thunder signings.

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